When You Hear "Beepboop," Your Spanish is Improving

When You Hear "Beepboop," Your Spanish is Improving

Why are we called Beepboop? This is the story of how our name came to be. 

It all started when we tried to solve the problem of how to let students know that they made a mistake during class. We needed to convey that a mistake had been made instantaneously, in an audio-only environment without visual clues, and in a way that would not be embarrassing to the student or disrupt up the flow of the class. We originally wanted a computer generated sound to do this, but when we were testing our first lessons we just had one of our teachers emulate a computer by actually saying “Beepboop” aloud.

To our surprise, students in our test lessons loved how friendly and non-threatening it sounded when our drill instructors said “Beepboop.” It’s hard to say or hear beepboop without smiling! Fun, friendliness, and compassion are the core of Beepboop’s values. So naturally, we kept this more encouraging “Beepboop” to ensure students were comfortable making mistakes in class.

Book a drill and don’t worry about getting “Beepboop’d,” it just means your Spanish is improving!

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