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Travel Spanish

$30.00 $20.00

Travel Spanish

$30.00 $20.00
This online group Drill course is designed to rapidly get you comfortable speaking Spanish so you can maximize fun on your trip. 

These Drills are live and led by a REAL human Drill Instructor! Don't worry about fixing your weave, Drills are audio-only. Practicing with real people using the Drill Method gets you over the embarrassment of speaking quickly and will give you the confidence to communicate on your trip.

We're open for business every weeknight with Drills starting every thirty minutes. Just show up and we'll start Drilling you! We fit your schedule.  

This course is great for absolute beginner to intermediate students. If you're nervous, don't worry, your Drill Instructor will adjust the intensity of the Drill to suite your learning style and level. 

Drill offerings
Part 1:
  1. Common greetings Part 1
  2. Common greetings Part 2
  3. Navigating the airport
  4. Checking into the hotel
  5. Dining out

Part 2:

  1. Going to the bar
  2. A romantic fling
  3. Asking for directions
  4. Oh no, I'm sick!
  5. Describing your trip     

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