Spanish for your little baby


Proficiency level:

Want to raise your baby to be bilingual but barely even know Justin Bieber's part to Despacito?

This 5-part online group Drill course will teach you cute and handy phrases you can use with your little bebé to get her on the path to fluency. She'll be thanking you when she gets an easy 5 on her AP Spanish exam. JK kids are ungrateful! 

Drill offerings:

  1. Time to wake up
  2. Who wants to play?
  3. Who's that? 
  4. In the kitchen 
  5. Time for bed?  

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Steps to getting started:

  1. Purchase your Drill Course 
  2. Schedule your Drills on our calendar when it's convenient for you (or just drop in moments before a Drill is starting)
  3. Access your Drill on your smartphone or computer 
  4. Your Drill Instructor will start teaching a Drill from your purchased package