Constantly Growing Beepboop Drill Catalog

We're adding multiple Beepboop Drills every week and creating a comprehensive curriculum so that there are always new topics for you to learn. VIPs can take any Beepboop Drill below an unlimited amount of times with our live Drill Instructors.   

Each Drill is offered in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The higher the level the faster the pace of the Drill. We recommend students start on Level 1 and take the same class as many times until they feel comfortable and then "level up" to challenge themself with the same material at a faster pace.   


Conversational & Travel Spanish
Prepare yourself for that trip you probably won't be taking this summer. After completing these Drills you'll have the confidence to make friends in Spanish wherever you go.  
Medical Spanish
These Drills are designed for healthcare professionals to learn the most critical medical Spanish phrases to improve their patient care and efficiency in the hospital. The curriculum has been provided by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center which provides Spanish language education for medical professions of the US Armed Forces.   
  • Introducing yourself and the team
  • Registration
  • Assessment
  • How are you?
  • Pain interview part I
  • Vaccinations
  • Basic commands
  • Consent
  • Pre-Surgery Instructions 
  • Post-Surgery Instructions 
  • Surgery
  • COVID-19 Symptoms 
  • COVID-19 Health Recommendations

    Drills in progress:  
  • COVID-19 Review of systems
  • Saying goodbye and follow up
  • Patients history
  • General assessment
  • Trauma
  • Urology (Foley catheter)
  • Surgery instructions
  • Common medical conditions part I
  • Pain interview part II
  • Medicine interview
  • Orthopedics
  • OB/GYN
  • Methods of contraception

Classroom Management in Spanish
You know how to manage your classroom in English, but do you know how to in Spanish? These Drills are designed for teachers WHO. HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH. with not being about to communicate effectively with all their students. 

  • Addressing the class: From "Good morning kids" to "take out your homework" after this Drill you'll feel comfortable using these phrases to address the entire class 
  • Disruptive students: From "Do you want me to call your parents?" to "Be quiet!" this Drill will help you manage the most disruptive children 

Business Spanish 
Your startup is a wild success and you need to nail that pitch (in Spanish) so you can secure the resources to continue building the best products imaginable while keeping that double-digit, week-over-week growth going strong

  • Pitch your startup 

Politics - Presidential Scandals in Spanish
Arm yourself with the specialized vocab to help you explain some of the most horrifying and silly moments of the current administration. Trigger warning! This is a left leaning take on politics.
  • I'm sorry: Learn how to apologize to Spanish-speakers about your leader
  • Ukraine: Learn how to describe what quid-pro-quo is in Spanish
  • Stolen children: Learn how to describe the situation at the border
  • Very fine people on both sides: Learn how to discuss racism and white supremacy in the US
  • Grab them: Learn the different body parts you can grab (explicit & family friendly version available)