Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drill?
Drill is a speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group language lesson. Each Drill is taught by a live Drill Instructor in a round robin style where students are kept on the edge of their seats as they’re guided through a series of increasingly challenging memory retention and pronunciation exercises.

What is the Drill Method?
The Drill Method is the teaching method of Beepboop’s online Drills. More info can be learned about it here. The Drill Method is an online adaptation of the pedagogical work pioneered at Dartmouth College by Professor John Rassias. The method is proven to get students comfortable speaking a new language extremely fast. 

Is Drill live? 
Yes, all Drills are taught by a live human Drill Instructor in an audio-only group class

How is this free?
Your education is being subsidized by VIPs who are getting a more accelerated learning experience as well as a certificate of completion they can use to apply for full reimbursement from their employer  

What does it mean that Drill is "audio-only"? 
You won't see anyone's face during Drill! You will however see a screen controlled by your Drill Instructor that guides you and fellow students through various memorization and pronunciation challenges   

Why is Drill "audio-only"?
Our research has revealed two things: 1) people are more at ease and willing to make mistakes in an audio-only environment. This encourages more rapid learning. 2) For the non-hearing impaired, listening comprehension skills improve faster in the absence of visual queues   

Who are the Drill Instructors?
Beepboop Drill Instructors are bachelor degree-holding public and private school teachers mainly from Mexico 

Is it true that my Drill Instructor attended an Ivy League school? 
Over 75% of our Drill Instructors have received language instruction training from Dartmouth College’s Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures

I'm deaf, is Drill a good way for me to learn languages? 
Unfortunately, the Drill Method is not effective if the Drill Instructor cannot be heard.    

I've never studied or spoken Spanish before in my life, is Drill right for me?
Yes, we offer Absolute Beginner Drills designed just for you!