Offer Beepboop Medical Spanish Classes at Your Organization

Medical Spanish with Beepboop is designed to give healthcare professionals the Spanish speaking skills necessary to improve their patient care and efficiency both in the hospital and online.

With live instructor-led group classes starting nearly every thirty minutes, Beepboop has provided thousands of students the most convenient access to practice speaking medical Spanish through simulated patient-provider dialogues.

Listening and Speaking-Focused Medical Spanish

The instructor guides groups of three to nine students through 25-minute rhythmic listening and speaking exercises where students are called on at random to complete verbal challenges. When called on, a student must provide the answer rapidly or the challenge will be passed to another student.

Never knowing when they will be called on and not wanting to break the flow of the class, students interested in learning medical Spanish will listen intensely and prepare for the speaking challenges while on mute in anticipation of their turn.

Instantaneous Corrective Feedback

Our instructors create an environment where students feel comfortable making mistakes and can embrace corrective feedback. Mispronunciations and mistakes are identified immediately by the instructors and the class works together to correct them, preventing bad habits from forming. This allows our students to develop their healthcare Spanish and medical Spanish skills rapidly.