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Beta Tester Discount Package

$35.00 $10.00

Beta Tester Discount Package

$35.00 $10.00

We're offering our highly personalized Drill Instructor-led sessions way below cost! 

Here's the catch: 

  • You can't chose the specific course studied in the drill (don't get mad when you have to learn how to correctly say "virus del papiloma humano") 
  • Newbie Drill Instructors may make appearances in these sessions. They're learning, just like you! 
  • If you want to control what you learn and guarantee you get your favorite Drill Instructor, you should buy one of our low-cost courses  


  • How long will we be beta testing? Forever! 
  • When are the Drills? Every weeknight with multiple Drills starting every thirty minutes 

Our goal is to be open 24/7 with Drills starting every minute. Please help us get there by making a purchase!

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