Conversational and Travel Spanish


Prepare yourself for that trip you probably won't be taking this summer. After completing these Drills you'll have the confidence to make friends in Spanish wherever you go.

These drills include: Common Greetings, Getting to Know Someone, Navigating the Airport, Checking in to the Hotel, Directions, Going to the Bar, A Romantic Fling, Making Small Talk with Someone You Just Met, Proposing an Activity with Someone You Just Met, Talking about Mutual Friends, Using Numbers in Conversation, Confirming Time and Location as an Event Nears, Typical Pickup lines, and Confirming Friends How You Should Prepare for a Night Out.

Drills Debuting in June:

These drills include: Master the Months and Describe the Season, Different Ways of Describing Dates and Time, Expressing Likes and Dislikes, Communicating Your Feelings for Someone, Offering Help to Someone, Recommending Something, and Expressing Regret.