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Medical Spanish


Medical Spanish


This 20-part online group Drill course is designed for healthcare professionals to learn the most critical medical Spanish phrases to improve their patient care and efficiency in the hospital. 

Tip: Try getting reimbursed by your employer! Upon request, we'll email you a detailed receipt including the curriculum that you can submit for continuing education reimbursement. 

Drills offered: 
  1. Introducing yourself to patients
  2. Asking how you patient is doing?
  3. Where does it hurt?
  4. Are your vaccinations up-to-date?
  5. Extremely useful commands
  6. Have you had surgery before?
  7. Navigating confusion
  8. Comforting a patient
  9. Patients history
  10. Saying goodbye to patients
  11. Following up with patients
  12. Common injuries
  13. Prescribing
  14. Methods of contraception
  15. Treatments for STIs
  16. Useful phrases in pediatrics
  17. Anesthesia
  18. Cardiology
  19. Insurance
  20. Communicating a loss   

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