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Trump Scandals in Spanish


Trump Scandals in Spanish


This online group Drill course will arm you with specialized vocab to help you explain some of the most horrifying and silly moments of the Trump presidency 

Part 1: Includes 5, 25-minute Drills

  1. Not my president: Learn how to apologize to Mexicans about Trump
  2. Ukraine: Learn how to describe what quid-pro-quo is in Spanish
  3. Stolen children: Learn how to describe the situation at the border
  4. "Very fine people on both sides": Learn how to discuss racism and white supremacy in the US
  5. Grab them by the___: Learn the different body parts you can grab (explicit & family friend version available) 

Part 2: Includes 5, 25-minute Drills

  1. You can't see my tax return: Learn legal ways to reduce your tax liability 
  2. Stormy D: Learn about non-disclosure agreements and ways to keep people silent
  3. G7 Summit at the Doral resort: Learn how to discuss the ethical issues with self-dealing
  4. Poor Melania: Learn the risks of gold digging
  5. Alternative facts: Learn how to describe some classic Trump falsehoods

Note: No translations of covfefe to be provided


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