Beepbooper VIP


Beepbooper VIP Package:
Why you should become a VIP?
  • More opportunities to speak
  • Small Drill size access - know how many students are in each Drill session BEFORE you join
  • Know when your favorite Drill Instructors are teaching
  • You select the Drill topic - you can select from our entire catalog of non-medical Drills. If multiple VIPs join a Drill, the Medical VIPs get the option of selecting the topic.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How long is each Drill? 25 minutes
  • When are the Drills? Every weeknight with multiple Drills starting every fifteen to thirty minutes
  • When does my Beepbooper VIP access expire? Access expires when you finish all the Drills in your package. For example, if you purchase 15 Beepbooper VIP Drills, you will be a Beepbooper VIP for the amount of time it takes you to complete those Drills
  • Are there any famous Beepbooper VIPs? Yes. Solange, Britney, and Ariana are all Beepbooper VIPs
  • Our goal is to be open 24/7 with Drills starting every minute. Please help us get there by making a purchase!