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Hours of live Spanish classes you can book, for a range of different topics.

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Beepboop is uniquely structured around Drills: 25 minute, fast-paced classes where students practice speaking and instructors offer immediate feedback. In Drills, mistakes are learning opportunities.

Drills are audio-only. Every class has slides for students to follow along, but we remove any anxiety around appearance. Students focus on their learning.

Our teaching is informed by pedagogical work pioneered at Dartmouth College, designed to get students comfortable speaking a new language as fast as possible. We don’t waste any time!

We couldn’t exist without our Drill Instructors, native Spanish speakers who love teaching. Get to know a few below.

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Beepboop has a team of friendly instructors who are native Spanish speakers, ready to teach.

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Sinaloa, Mexico

What's a fun fact about yourself?

My sense of humor and my laugh that is somewhat notorious.

What's a superpower you wish you could have and why?

To be able to fly. I like freedom so I wish I could fly over great natural wonders at my own pace, enjoying the view while feeling the fresh air.


Veracruz, Mexico

What's your favorite food and why?

Tacos, they're just the best.

What's a superpower you wish you could have and why?

Teleportation, because I'd like to visit friends and family.


Baja, Mexico

What are 3 adjectives that your friends would use to describe you?

Straightforward, funny, and trusted.

What's a superpower you wish you could have and why?

Teleportation so I could travel the world. :D

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Meagan D.

"In 6 months, I have dramatically improved my ability to speak. I never thought I would be fluent in Spanish but now I feel like I could handle any conversation with any Spanish speaker."

Nicole T.

"Beepboop is a fun, quick way to have daily practice with Spanish over a variety of topics. Just learning words is boring and dialogue practice without context is impractical. The flow of each lesson moves in a way that at the end, a student can easily apply the material to a real-world situation."

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