What is Drill?

Drill is a speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group language lesson. Each Drill is taught by a live Drill Instructor in a round robin style where students are kept on the edge of their seats as they’re guided through fun speaking exercises. Zero experience with Spanish is required to participate in Drill. Camera shy? Don't worry! Drill is audio-only

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How do I get started?

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Get the most personalized attention from the Drill Instructors. Determine the topic the entire Drill practices. Skip the lines and join any Drill session

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The Beepboop Drill Method

speak more

During a 25-minute Beepboop  Drill, VIPs will speak 300 words and "mouth" 1,000 words

memorize faster

Edge-of-your-seat excitement keeps your brain operating at 100%, improving memory formation and recall 

perfect your accent

Beepboop Drill Instructors provide instantaneous corrective pronunciation feedback without interrupting the flow of the Drill

messy hair don't care

Beepboop Drills are audio-only, so don't worry how you look. We won't see you! Audio-only classes improve listening comprehension skills and create a more comfortable environment for making mistakes

learn (almost) whenever

Scheduling is so 2,000 and late. VIPs can just show up, skip the line, and get routed to the next starting Drill! Beepboop Drills run nightly starting every 15 to 30 minutes. Non-VIPs have to book in advance 

how can this be free?

Your education is subsidized by VIPs who are receiving a more acceleratred learning experience as well as a certificate of completion they can use to apply for full reimbursement from their employer  

Why is being a VIP everything?


Being VIP is everything. 

1. More opportunities to speak
2. More personalized pronunciation correction
3. Personalized post-Drill feedback
4. Determine the topic the entire Drill practices
5. Smaller Drill size access
6. Skip-the-line access to join full Drills
7. Know when your favorite Drill Instructors are teaching
8. 24/7 customer support

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