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What is Drill?

Drill is a speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group language lesson. Each Drill is taught by a live Drill Instructor in a round robin style where students are kept on the edge of their seats as they’re guided through a series of increasingly challenging memory retention and pronunciation exercises.

The teaching method of Beepboop’s online Drills is influenced from pedagogical work pioneered at Dartmouth College by Professor John Rassias. This method, while eccentric, is proven to get students comfortable speaking a new language extremely fast.  


What Makes Drill Unique?

Speak More
During a 25-minute Drill you'll speak 300 words and "mouth" 1,000 words 

Memorize Faster
Drill is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and have your brain operating at 100%. It's not easy, but you'll be amazed how much you'll retain after just one 25-minute Drill

Correct Your Pronunciation 
Drill instructors provide instantaneous corrective pronunciation feedback (we call it Beepboop technology and no other language learning app has anything like it) 



Messy Hair Don't Care 
This is an online, audio-only class, so don't worry how you look. We won't see you! Audio-only classes help improve listening comprehension skills and create a more comfortable environment for making mistakes 

 Messy Hair Don´t Care Spanish Drill


Learn Whenever
Scheduling is so 2000 and late. At Beepboop we have Drills nightly starting every 15 to 30 minutes. Just log on when you want to start speaking Spanish and get routed to the next starting lesson! 

Try your first Drill by joining our VIP Club

We offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee if you're not happy after completing your first Drill as a member of the VIP Club. Drills start as low as $2.50 / 25-minute Drill. That's cheaper than a cup of coffee for the best language learning experience you'll ever get!

Join our VIP Club here

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Turn up the heat

24 Dec, 2019

Turn up the heat

If you're looking for a spicy romance while traveling, arm yourself with these sentences for flirting & making romantic plans in Spanish! Get that hot vacay fling of your dreams with beepboop's most ~exciting~ new lesson ;)
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Time to Hit the Bars

19 Dec, 2019

Time to Hit the Bars

Happy holidays! 

Going traveling to a foreign country? Hoping to do some drinking? Or are you just dying to know how to ask for a "whiskey on the rocks" in another language?

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New VIP Perks!

11 Dec, 2019

New VIP Perks!

VIP Beepboopers have just gotten a GLOW-UP better than the Kardashians after surgery!

Check out the sweet new perks included in the package.

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Grab em by the ___!

10 Dec, 2019

Grab em by the ___!

You asked for scandal, we've answered your call!

Learn the different body parts you can grab - but shouldn't!! Cheeky and fun with just the right amount of racy. Features some graphic language, but so does this presidency.

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