A Bundle of Wins

A Bundle of Wins

At Beepboop, we're focused on empowering learners to reach spoken fluency and making teaching more accessible. Since launching last September, Beepboop Drill Instructors have taught thousands of students Spanish from all around the world. We would have not accomplished this without all the help and opportunities we've received, including the support and feedback from YOU! So today, we're reflecting on our recent wins.



Located in the South Bronx, Metabronx is an organization dedicated to accelerating minority and women owned startups. Beepboop joined Metabronx in mid-January this year and we have appreciated all of their advice, especially that related to running a successful business. Thanks to Metabronx's partnership with DREAM Charter School and Comp Sci High, we've been able to give back to our community by exposing high school students to technology-related entrepreneurship. Keep your eyes out for an update on this!

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 Our Team — Comp Sci.High


New York Tech Alliance and Opportunity Hub 

Recently, co-founders Devon and Alejandra had the opportunity of presenting  at the NY Tech Alliance and the Opportunity Hub. Both the NY Tech Alliance and the Opportunity Hub share similar goals, creating racial equity and ensuring accessibility in the tech and startup space. What Devon and Alejandra loved about these two events was the opportunity to showcase Beepboop's platform to a different audience, one that is more tech-oriented. Additionally, they loved meeting others who were also passionate about technology and social impact. Click here to watch Devon and Alejandra's presentation at NY Tech and click here to watch Alejandra's presentation at the Opportunity Hub where she talked about how her academic and professional experience across 4 continents and her work in gender equity lead to the creation of Beepboop. 

Board Message - NY Tech Alliance



Healthcare Entrepreneurship Challenge

Beepboop is competing in this year's Healthcare Entrepreneurship Challenge, which focuses on solutions that promote health equity in New York City, the Long Island Region, and the Hudson Valley Region. When I asked Alejandra what she enjoyed about this challenge, she said, "I like how the Entrepreneurship Challenge not only taught me new skills related to pitching and making financial projections, but also encouraged me to think about how business intersects with healthcare and scientific innovation."

 Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge


Latinx Incubator 

In June, Beepboop was accepted into the Latinx Incubator, an partnership between the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and 1871 dedicated to growing the pipeline of Latinx entrepreneurs. Devon and Alejandra are so thankful for Latinx Incubator's weekly meetings where professionals share the lessons they've learned along the way as well as the community of minority founders who are there to support each other along the way. According to Alejandra, "During the small group conversations it's so interesting to see that we all go through the same's so real."



Student to CEO feature

Last but not least, our CEO Devon was featured on a Student to CEO blog post where he shared the number one thing he wish he knew before starting a business. Read more about his thoughts on validating customer demand here!