Destinos Episode 16 "Caras" is out!

Destinos Episode 16 "Caras" is out!

Beepboop TV Club is a "book club" but for Spanish TV shows. 

With TV Club, watch episodes of popular Spanish-language TV shows, soak up culture, submit written homework, and then show up to class ready to discuss everything (in Spanish) with a Beepboop instructor and up to 3 Pro students. 

TV Club immerses you in Spanish and Latin American culture while improving your listening, speaking, and writing skills. Only Pros can participate in TV Club.

Watch & discuss this week: Destinos Episode 16 "Caras"

Each episode of "Destinos" is designed to teach Spanish through context and narrative, with dialogues typically conducted in a slower and more deliberate manner than in standard conversational Spanish. This makes it easier for learners to understand and absorb the language. The series also incorporates cultural references and scenarios to provide a richer learning experience.

The series, designed as an educational tool, combines storytelling with language instruction, making it an engaging way to learn Spanish. For more detailed content and context, you might want to watch the episode directly or refer to educational resources that provide episode summaries and language exercises here.

Through watching the episode, practicing with your digital flashcards, and then discussing live in class, you'll learn useful phrases like:

  • no quiero volver nunca más - I don’t ever want to return
  • te voy a extrañar - I’m going to miss you
  • yo te voy a llevar - I am going to take you

How to join TV Club?

It's okay if you haven't watched all the episodes. You can still participate. Just follow the below steps and try your best to get up to speed (aka start binge watching now)! 

  • Step 1: Become a Pro 
  • Step 2: Join the Google Classroom for the Destinos Discussion Course
  • Step 3: Book your live discussion session for your level
    • There are over 7 sessions each week at different times
    • On the Book page click the filter icon to the left of the date, then click "Class Type" and then click "TV Club" then click "Next day" until you find a level and time slots that works for you

Learn more about Destinos and TV Club here