Do you have recyclable bags?

Do you have recyclable bags?

New lesson out: Grocery Shopping

Going to the supermarket is a must, and there are always nice people to help you around. Learn how to communicate in Spanish and find everything you need.

If you want to learn simple vocabulary try Level 1 and if you are more advanced try Level 2 and Level 3.


  1. Aprender vocabulario y algunas frases para ir de compras. / Learn vocabulary and phrases to go shopping.
  2. Aprender frases para pedir ayuda en el supermercado. / Learn phrases to ask for help in the supermarket.
  3. Aprender los nombres de algunos de los departamentos del supermercado. / Learn the names of some of the supermarket departments.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • ¿Me puede ayudar? ¿Dónde puedo encontrar el yogurt? / Can you help me? Where can I find the yogurt?
  • Claro. Está en el pasillo 7, en el departamento de lácteos. / Sure. It's in aisle 7 in the dairy department.
  • ¿Tienen bolsas reciclables? / Do you have recyclable bags?
  • Lo siento. No tenemos por el momento. / I'm sorry. We do not have at the moment.

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