Why Our Drill Instructors LOVE Teaching With Us

Why Our Drill Instructors LOVE Teaching With Us

by Grace Lu

At Beepboop, we pride ourselves in democratizing and humanizing online language education. Our ultimate vision is to not only deliver personalized and inexpensive Drills to learners all across the world, but to make it easier for anyone to start teaching!

Recently we reached out to our amazing Drill Instructors—Eduardo, Mariana, Monica, Pamela, Patricia, and Yolanda—asking them why they chose to teach at Beepboop. Below were some common themes that emerged. 


Flexible Schedule and Location

Almost all of our drill instructors mentioned that they loved the flexibility of working almost whenever they want, wherever they want. As long as they have access to Internet connection, they can teach anytime from 1-11pm EDT Mondays through Thursdays and 1-10pm EDT on Fridays! This also means that you can learn Spanish almost any time you have 30 minutes to spare. Awesome, right?

Company Culture

Another common response that we received was how Drill Instructors liked how open we are to suggestions for improvement. As Mariana notes, "From day one, Devon (CEO of Beepboop) was very understanding as I was trying to learn how to teach Drill and use Zoom (since I have never used it before), he also made me feel comfortable expressing my opinion and making suggestions even when they didn't ask for it. As I have met the rest of the team, I think it could not have been any better, everyone is really great and supportive."

Cultural Exchange

Several of our Drill Instructors said that they loved how teaching with Beepboop has allowed them to share and exchange cultures with their students. As Eduardo said to us, "...since language molds how we see the world, I am able to transmit cultural traits and ways to see the world to people from other parts of the world." 

Expand Teaching Skills

Lastly, our drill instructors love how Beepboop provides them with the opportunity to expand on their teaching skills so they are better able to connect and teach students from different backgrounds. As Patricia told us, "I work mostly with kids so this encourages me to continue learning.." Additionally, our drill instructors love how Beepboop allows them to gain exposure to teaching online. Mariana, told us how she likes teaching through Beepboop because it's helping her become a better teacher!

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