Introducing Beepboop Circle

Introducing Beepboop Circle

Private Spanish lessons and community

I’m thrilled to announce Beepboop Circle, a new platform that will help all Beepboop users build confidence in their Spanish. Beepboop Circle includes private Spanish lessons and a community of your favorite Spanish teachers, so you can achieve all your Spanish speaking goals and form relationships with native Spanish speakers. Try your first Beepboop Circle lesson here!

What is Beepboop Circle?

Beepboop Circle delivers a personalized learning experience so you can speak Spanish with confidence. Beepboop Circle offers private Spanish lessons with trained instructors who are native Spanish speakers and passionate about not only their students’ learning, but also cultivating relationships with their students. You’ll also build your “Circle” of your favorite instructors who will create a personalized learning plan for you. With Beepboop Circle you’ll get:

  • Private 1-on-1 lessons with trained Spanish instructors
  • Engaging conversations with native Spanish speakers
  • Your “Beepboop Circle,” a community of passionate instructors and language enthusiasts"

How does Beepboop Circle Work?

Beepboop Circle makes learning Spanish easy and you can get set up in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Create your learning path

Create your Beepboop account and book your first lesson here. After your account is set up, we’ll send you a survey to get to know more about you, your interests, and your goals. Your Beepboop instructor will then create a 10-part Spanish lesson plan that’s entirely customized for you. During your first lesson, you and your instructor will review the learning path and start practicing right away! 


Step 2: Fill your Circle

Beepboop Circle is private lessons AND a community. Choose your favorite instructors to join your “Circle.” Your Circle instructors will guide your lessons, review your assignments, and be your teammate throughout your Circle Journey. Meet the Circle instructors here.


Step 3: Embark on your Circle Journey

Beepboop Circle offers a plethora of resources to improve your Spanish competency. You can attend private lessons, review exclusive content, complete periodic assignments, and collaborate with your instructor until you’re speaking Spanish like a native.

5 reasons to join Beepboop Circle

Beepboop Circle will empower you to speak Spanish with confidence. With Beepboop Circle you’ll receive:

  1. Personalized attention and real-time feedback from highly trained instructors
  2. Engaging conversations with native Spanish speakers committed to your learning
  3. Access to exclusive exercises, content, and activities to practice on your own and review with instructors
  4. Customized learning path catered to your goals and interests
  5. Community of both native Spanish speakers and committed anglophone Spanish students

We can't wait to join your Circle

Devon Saliga
CEO & Founder | Beepboop