Celebrating our Summer 2020 Metabronx Interns

Celebrating our Summer 2020 Metabronx Interns

Today we're celebrating our cohort of 10 high school interns! These interns attend either DREAM Charter School or Comp Sci High, located in Harlem and the Bronx respectively. They have been working at Beepboop for the months of July and August.

As a company that values innovation and giving back to the community, these interns have had the opportunity to experience many different aspects of running a educational technology startup. For example, these Metabronx interns have gained experience in the following: 

  • Consumer testing
  • Brainstorming ways to improve Drills 
  • Managing a company's social media channels  
  • Creating email marketing campaigns 
  • Creating targeted Facebook ads
  • Learning how to use Canva to convey Beepboop's values

Now, let's get to know these amazing Metabronx interns better!

Our cohort of Metabronx interns includes Adama, Jadrien, Mohamed, Priscila, Nialexis, Alexa, Aida, Elisse, Amani and Robert and they are in grades 9 through 11. 

What has been your favorite part of this internship experience?
Priscila: My favorite part of the internship experience was using Canva to create memes.

What's one thing you've learned? 
Jadrien: The one thing that I learned in this internship is to work hard to get your dream job and if you want to own a company think of an idea of a product that everyone can use.

If you could become fluent in any language tomorrow, what would it be?Mohamed: It would be Japanese because I love to watch anime 

When you're not in class, what do you like to do?
Adama: I like to use my phone or go out with my friends and family.

What's your favorite food?
Mohamed: My favorite food is chicken and rice. 


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