Part 1 - Review of Systems

Part 1 - Review of Systems

New lesson out: Medical - Review of Systems (Part 1)

Calling all medical folks! We are so excited to be launching the complete Review of Systems. In this six part lesson series, you will learn to ask patients a plethora of questions so you can identify their symptoms from head to toe.

Keep reading to see what you'll learn in Part 1!

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  1. Practicar la primera parte de la Revisión de Sistemas. / Practice part one of the Review of Systems.
  2. Aprender síntomas generales. / Learn general symptoms.
  3. Aprender síntomas de los oídos, nariz y garganta. / Learn symptoms for ear, nose, and throat.
  4. Usar la voz formal (usted) con los pacientes. / Use the formal voice (usted) with patients.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • ¿Está experimentando pérdida de peso? / Are you experiencing weight loss?

  • ¿Tiene cambios en la visión? / Do you have changes in vision?

  • ¿Tiene dolor de oído? / Do you have ear pain?

  • ¿Tiene congestión nasal? / Do you have nasal congestion?

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