Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

New lesson out: Physical Therapy!

Health professionals! Want to improve your medical Spanish? Learn essential physical therapy vocabulary and common phrases with this lesson.

Want to learn but have no experience speaking Spanish? No worries! Our Drills are offered at three different levels, including absolute beginner. 


  1. Hacer preguntas clave a los pacientes de fisioterapia. / Ask key questions to physical therapy patients.
  2. Aprender vocabulario esencial para la fisioterapia. / Learn essential vocabulary for physical therapy.
  3. Usar la voz formal (usted) con los pacientes. / Use the formal voice (usted) with patients.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • ¿Cuándo tuvo cirugía? / When did you have surgery?
  • ¿Siente dolor en la rodilla? / Do you feel pain in the knee?
  • ¿Ha estado en fisioterapia antes? / Have you been to physical therapy before?
  • Es difícil correr. / It's hard to run.

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