Pronunciation Boot Camp: Syllables Part 1

Pronunciation Boot Camp: Syllables Part 1

New lesson out: Syllables Part 1!

Do you dream of speaking perfectly accented Spanish, but can't even pronounce the word "mamá " without sounding like a gringa? Well, this is your opportunity to start speaking Spanish like a native.

Our Pronunciation Bootcamp Drills are designed for people who want to perfect their Spanish accent and get comfortable speaking Spanish fast. Take Syllables Part 1 today and see how quickly you improve! 


  • Aprender a pronunciar las sílabas con las letras m, p, s, l. / Learn to pronounce the syllables with the letters m, p, s, l.

    Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

    • Mi mamá me mima. / My mom spoils me.
    • Amo a mi mamá. / I love my mom.
    • Susú es mía. / Susú is mine.
    • Usa esa mesa. / Use that table.
    • Papá ama a mamá. / Dad loves mom.
    • Lola limpia la mesa. / Lola cleans the table.

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