The Five Best Videos to Learn to How to Roll Your Rs

The Five Best Videos to Learn to How to Roll Your Rs

BREAKING NEWS: Everyone can roll their R’s! 

My name is Charlie Palsho and I'm a junior at Dartmouth College researching language learning techniques. I studied Spanish for three years in middle school, four in high school, and another year in college, and I still couldn’t roll my RRs. When I recently began studying Spanish with Beepboop, I kept getting “Beepboop’d” by the drill instructors every time a dreaded RR came my way. I decided enough is enough. I took to YouTube and embarked on a personal mission to figure out how to roll my RRs once and for all. 

I am happy to report that after days of practicing and training with tons of videos, I can roll my RRs now! These are the five best videos I found on YouTube. If these videos could teach me, they can teach you too!

Happy Learning!


#1 The Classic

Up first, we have a video that’s been posted for ten years. This method is tried and true. You can’t go wrong with the classics.


#2 The Professor

Second, “The Linguisticator” teaches you how to roll your Rs. He provides in-depth-scientific explanations and useful graphics to help visualize how your tongue makes the rolled R sound.


#3 Elvis Presley

A voice coach teaches you how to roll your Rs. This is an interesting perspective to hear, and similarly to #2, this is a detailed video about how your mouth produces the trilled R sound.


#4 Unorthodox Methods

This guy is funny and informative. He explains unorthodox methods to help you to produce those elusive trilled Rs.


#5 Slow and Steady

Last but not least, this underappreciated video guides you through a set of pronunciation exercises to build up to rolling your Rs. I found this one to be especially helpful if you are persistent with the pronunciation progression.


Click here to practice.