The Five Best Videos to Learn to How to Roll Your Rs

The Five Best Videos to Learn to How to Roll Your Rs

BREAKING NEWS: Everyone can roll their R’s! 

My name is Charlie Palsho and I'm a junior at Dartmouth College researching language learning techniques. I studied Spanish for three years in middle school, four in high school, and another year in college, and I still couldn’t roll my RRs. When I recently began studying Spanish with Beepboop, I kept getting “Beepboop’d” by the drill instructors every time a dreaded RR came my way. I decided enough is enough. I took to YouTube and embarked on a personal mission to figure out how to roll my RRs once and for all. 

I am happy to report that after days of practicing and training with tons of videos, I can roll my RRs now! These are the five best videos I found on YouTube. If these videos could teach me, they can teach you too!

If you want to have fun rolling your Rs play our very own Beepboop game here

Happy Learning!


#1 The Classic

Up first, we have a video that’s been posted for ten years. This method is tried and true. You can’t go wrong with the classics.


#2 The Professor

Second, “The Linguisticator” teaches you how to roll your Rs. He provides in-depth-scientific explanations and useful graphics to help visualize how your tongue makes the rolled R sound.


#3 Elvis Presley

A voice coach teaches you how to roll your Rs. This is an interesting perspective to hear, and similarly to #2, this is a detailed video about how your mouth produces the trilled R sound.


#4 Unorthodox Methods

This guy is funny and informative. He explains unorthodox methods to help you to produce those elusive trilled Rs.


#5 Slow and Steady

Last but not least, this underappreciated video guides you through a set of pronunciation exercises to build up to rolling your Rs. I found this one to be especially helpful if you are persistent with the pronunciation progression.


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