Time to Hit the Bars

Time to Hit the Bars

New lesson out: Going to the bar!

Happy holidays! Going traveling to a foreign country? Hoping to do some drinking? Or are you just dying to know how to ask for a "whiskey on the rocks" in another language? 

Whether you answered yes to any of these questions doesn't really matter because this lesson is a guaranteed fun time for anyone!

Metas/Goals: learn how to order drinks like a pro, while chatting up the locals!

Some example "oraciones":

  • Vamos a un bar esta noche. / Let's go to a bar tonight.
  • ¿Qué me recomiendas para beber? / What do you recommend to drink?
  • Dame una cerveza, por favor. / I'll have a beer, please.
  • Quiero cinco shots de vodka. (Wonder what this could mean?)
  • Otra ronda a mi cuenta. / Another round on me.
  • ¿Te puedo comprar una bebida? / Can I buy you a drink?