Discover the Ultimate Spanish Learning Experience with Beepboop's TV Club: Destinos Discussion Course!

Discover the Ultimate Spanish Learning Experience with Beepboop's TV Club: Destinos Discussion Course!

📺 Dive into Spanish learning like never before with Beepboop's TV Club! Our Destinos Discussion Course merges the captivating storytelling of the classic Spanish-learning series Destinos with immersive live speaking sessions and daily speaking drills. Experience rapid progress in your Spanish language skills and cultural understanding through our unique approach.

What is Destinos?

Destinos is a language-learning drama series that follows the adventures of lawyer Raquel Rodriguez as she travels through Spain, Mexico, and Argentina in search of a mysterious family secret. Along the way, viewers are introduced to a wide range of Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and authentic cultural experiences. This makes Destinos the perfect tool for learning Spanish while being entertained by a thrilling and captivating storyline.

What Proficiency Level is This For and What Can I Be Expected to Learn?

The Destinos show is designed to be enjoyed by all proficiency levels. For each proficiency level, we hold multiple discussion sessions each week:

  • Level 1: Absolute Beginner
  • Level 2: Beginner
  • Level 3: Intermediate-Advanced

When Are the Sessions?

Every episode will run for two to three weeks, allowing you to prepare ahead of time and/or take the session more than once to reaffirm your skills. Once you sign up for pro, you'll get access to the schedule.

How Can I Join the Beepboop Discussion Sessions?

  1. Go to the Beepboop Book Page.
  2. Click the filter icon to the left of the date, then click "Class Type" and select "TV Club."
  3. Click "Next day" until you find a level and time slots that work for you.
  4. Once you confirm the episode names match, book the class and add it to your calendar.

Can I Join if I’ve Missed the First Episodes?

Absolutely! You can join midway through the course as long as you’re willing to binge-watch the episodes you’ve missed.

Join us at Beepboop's TV Club and turn your Spanish learning journey into an exciting adventure with Destinos!