TV Club: Destinos Episode 7 "La Cartera" is out!

Beepboop TV Club - Destinos Key Phrases

Beepboop TV Club is a "book club" but for Spanish TV shows. 

With TV Club, watch episodes of popular Spanish-language TV shows, soak up culture, submit written homework, and then show up to class ready to discuss everything (in Spanish) with a Beepboop instructor and up to 3 Pro students. 

TV Club immerses you in Spanish and Latin American culture while improving your listening, speaking, and writing skills. Only Pros can participate in TV Club. 

Watch & discuss this week: Destinos Episode 7 "La Cartera"

In this Destinos episode, Raquel Rodriguez, a lawyer from Los Angeles, is in Madrid following clues about the whereabouts of Don Fernando's former lover, Rosario. Raquel thinks that Rosario might have answers to some lingering questions about Don Fernando's past. 

Through watching the episode, practicing with your digital flashcards, and then discussing live in class, you'll learn useful phrases for being dramatic like:

  • ¡Qué vergüenza! - How embarrassing!
  • ¡Qué pena! - What a shame!
  • ¡Qué barbaridad! - What an atrocity!

Through your workbook exercises on this episode, you'll also dive into the tricky verbs "saber" and "conocer" which both translate to "to know" in English, but cannot be used interchangeable in Spanish (read why here). 

How to join TV Club?

It's okay if you haven't watched all the episodes. You can still participate. Just follow the below steps and try your best to get up to speed (aka start binge watching now)! 

  • Step 1: Become a Pro 
  • Step 2: Join the Google Classroom for the Destinos Discussion Course
  • Step 3: Book your live discussion session for your level
    • There are over 7 sessions each week at different times
    • On the Book page click the filter icon to the left of the date, then click "Class Type" and then click "TV Club" then click "Next day" until you find a level and time slots that works for you

Learn more about Destinos and TV Club here