¡Viva México!

¡Viva México!

New Lesson Out: Mexican States

Mexico is well known for its cultural diversity, from a wide range of cuisine to craftsmanship. But do you know the different Mexican states and what they are most famous for? Take this Spanish Drill and impress all your Mexican friends with your knowledge of their beautiful country. 

Try Level 1 if you're just starting with Spanish, or Level 2 and 3 if you are more advanced. 


  1. Aprender a describir por qué es conocido un lugar. / Learn how to describe what a place is known for.
  2. Aprender acerca de varios estados mexicanos. / Learn about various Mexican states.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • ¿A dónde fuiste en México? / Where did you go in Mexico?
  • Fui a Veracruz, bastante conocido por sus paisajes y cascadas. / I went to Veracruz, quite known for its landscapes and waterfalls.
  • ¡Qué interesante, no lo sabía! / How interesting, I didn't know that!
  • Sí, también es famoso por su producción de naranja. / Yes, it's also known for its orange production.

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