Why Join Our Social Learning Group?

Why Join Our Social Learning Group?
Regardless of whether you are a member of our social learning group or not yet, keep reading, I will walk you through all of the features of our social learning group to help you get the most out of your Beepboop experience!
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One of the most important aspects of our social learning group is our "units" section. The units organize Beepboop's Spanish lessons into their respective categories, and can be used to browse our entire catalogue, review the grammar points of each lesson, and track your progress with quizzes.
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Stay Up to Date
Receive special advice and information about upcoming live events in our social learning group. Take advantage of every one of our deals and events just by joining our group! See the discussion section for Beepboop news.
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Beepboop Drills are an immersive Spanish speaking experience because we know that's what it takes to learn a new language. That's why it is important to stay engaged with your Spanish learning outside the digital classroom. Our discussion section offers funs polls, questions, activities, interesting cultural facts, and helpful answers to your questions. It is a great way to quickly and easily practice what you have learned during our lessons.
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