Beepboop Referral Program

Refer a friend who becomes a VIP and you both win big rewards!

How it works:

Once your friend purchases a VIP package, you and your friend will each receive:

  1. An extension on your VIP memberships. If you haven't purchased any membership yet when you make the referral, you will be made a VIP for the number of days of the extension
  2. A discount that can be applied to your next VIP purchase


No limits on rewards!

If you refer multiple friends, your days of VIP membership extension and discount rewards accumulate. For example, if you refer two friends who each buy 3-Month Silver VIP memberships, then you, as the referrer, would get a 20-Day VIP membership extension and a 20% discount on your next VIP purchase. Each of your friends would get a 10-Day VIP membership extension and a 10% discount on their next VIP purchase.  


How to earn your referral rewards:

  1. Tell your friend to purchase a VIP membership here:
  2. Once they purchase, have them reply to their welcome email saying who referred them
  3. We'll then give both of you your rewards 


Program details: