Beepboop Post-Drill Report Card

What is the Beepboop Report Card?


Sent to all students after completing a Drill, the Beepboop Report card is a summary of how a student performed in their most recent class, offering specifically tailored feedback on how they performed and where they can improve. The purpose of Beepboop's Report Card is to provide instantaneous feedback to students on their learning progress and ultimately help them measure their progression on the Spanish language learning journey. The Beepboop Report Card is sent to all of our students, both VIP and non-VIP.


The Anatomy of a Beepboop Report Card

Overall Grade:

Your overall grade is calculated by factoring in the number of Beepboops you received, your rank in the class, and the number of Spanish words spoken. 'Overall Grade' gives you a summarized view of how you did in your most recent drill!


# of Beepboops: 

# of Beepboops is the amount of times during drill that you were "Beepboop"d for making a mistake. This allows you to track how many mistakes you made to determine what material to review before your next drill.


Class rank: 

Class rank, like Overall Grade, is a summarized view of how you performed in your drill compared to other students. Your rank is calculated based on your engagement, pronunciation, and # of Beepboops during class.


Spanish words spoken:

Spanish words spoken is the estimated number of words you spoke during your drill based on the number of times you spoke and your practice in between speaking. This puts into context just how often you are speaking during Drill, and the impact it can have on improving your Spanish.


Total drills completed: 

Total drills completed is the total number of drills that you have taken since becoming a Beepboop student. This helps you visualize how much class time you have participated in and how often you are participating in drills.


Phrases to improve: 

Phrases to improve brings you to our Flashcards+ (for VIPs) based on the topic area you discussed in Drill and the phrases or vocabulary you may have missed. This is a great place to begin reviewing after you complete a drill!


Viewing Feedback as a Non-VIP (Why is my Report Card 'Locked'?)

If you are a non-VIP student, most of the fields on your 'Post-Drill Report Card' will appear as "Locked." As a non-VIP, you are only able to access a portion of your Report Card, not the specialized feedback provided after each session.


If you are interested in receiving more personalized feedback, we encourage you to support our teaching and become a VIP! Our instructors put a lot of effort into delivering high quality feedback - show your support and supercharge your learning in the process by becoming a VIP.