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In addition to Medical Spanish, we offer: 
Introductory Spanish
Travel Spanish
Political Spanish
Business Spanish

What is Drill?

Drill is a speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group language lesson. Each Drill is taught by a live Drill Instructor in a round robin style where students are kept on the edge of their seats as they’re guided through a series of increasingly challenging memory retention and pronunciation exercises.

The teaching method of Beepboop’s online Drills is influenced by pedagogical work pioneered at Dartmouth College by Professor John Rassias. This method, while eccentric, is proven to get students comfortable speaking a new language extremely fast.  


These are all our open hours:


Monday & Wednesday: 1pm to 4pm &  7pm to 11pm 
Tuesday & Thursday: 1pm to 4pm / 5 to 6pm / 7pm to 11pm 
Friday: 1pm to 4pm / 7pm to 10pm 


Monday & Wednesday: 6pm to 9pm & 12am to 4 am
Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm to 9pm / 10 to 11 pm / 12 to 4 am
Friday: 6pm to 9pm & 12 pm to 3 am


Tuesday & Thursday: 3am to 6am & 9am to 1pm 
Wednesday & Friday: 3am to 6am / 7am to 8am / 9am to 1pm 
Saturday: 3am to 6am & 9am to 12pm


What Makes Drill Unique?

Speak More
During a 25-minute Beepboop  Drill, VIPs will speak 300 words and "mouth" 1,000 words

Memorize Faster
Edge-of-your-seat excitement keeps your brain operating at 100%, improving memory formation and recall 

Correct Your Pronunciation 
Beepboop Drill Instructors provide instantaneous corrective pronunciation feedback without interrupting the flow of the Drill



Messy Hair Don't Care 
Beepboop Drills are audio-only, so don't worry how you look. We won't see you! Audio-only classes improve listening comprehension skills and create a more comfortable environment for making mistakes

 Messy Hair Don´t Care Spanish Drill


Learn (almost) Whenever
Scheduling is so 2,000 and late. VIPs can just show up, skip the line, and get routed to the next starting Drill! Beepboop Drills run nightly starting every 15 to 30 minutes. Non-VIPs have to book in advance 

What topic will we study in drill? 

Knowing what will be studied is a luxury only the VIP Students can enjoy. If you want to select the topic, become a VIP. Here are some of the VIP perks:


Preparing for Drill is easy 

  1. Download the Zoom video conferencing app on your smartphone (iOS Android) or computer before your Drill starts. Make sure you give Zoom permission to use your microphone  
  2. Find a quiet room with good wifi/cell reception. You will be speaking a lot! 
  3. Drills are audio-only so don't worry about how you look
  4. If you want to practice the phrases you'll speak in Drill (and show us love) please purchase these online flashcards    

Tips during your Drill