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What is Beepboop Drill?


What Makes Beepboop Drill Unique? 

Drill is a speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group language lesson. Each Drill is taught by a live Drill Instructor in a round-robin style where students are guided through a series of fun memory and pronunciation exercises. Topics range from medical Spanish to business and conversational Spanish. 


When are Beepboop Drills? 

Beepboop Drills start every 30 minutes during the below times -- book now!

Monday - Friday

Saturday - Sunday


What topic will we study? - A VIP Perk

View our full our drill catalog here. If you want to select the topic / know what we'll study during Drill, become a VIP

Other VIP perks include:


How to Prepare

  1. Download the Zoom video conferencing app on your smartphone (iOS Android) or computer before your Drill starts. Make sure you give Zoom permission to use your microphone 
  2. Drills are audio-only - don't worry about being "camera-ready" 
  3. If you want to practice the phrases you'll speak in Drill, you will need to become a VIP to have access to flashcards and knowledge of what will be studied 

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