You are booked!

To confirm your booking, please open the confirmation email from Calendly and add the event to your calendar. 

To cancel or reschedule, please use the "cancel or reschedule" link at the bottom of your confirmation email. This will free up room for a fellow language learner :)  

If you are not a VIP, you are only allowed to take one class per week and are not guaranteed speaking opportunities in classes with over five students. VIPs get priority access to all Drills, the most speaking opportunities, and the ability to see how many students are attending each class. 



Preparing for Drill is easy!

  1. Download the Zoom video conferencing app on your smartphone (iOS Android) or computer before your Drill starts. Make sure you give Zoom permission to use your microphone. 

  2. Find a quiet room with good wifi/cell reception. You will be speaking a lot! 

  3. Drills are audio-only, so don't worry about how you look.

  4. VIP Only: If you would like to select the Drill topic, you can choose the lesson from your student portal. Before your Drill remember to study using your Quizlet flashcards!




Tips during your Drill.




What is Drill?




What Makes Drill Unique? 


Speak More

During a 25-minute Drill, you'll speak around 300 words and "mouth" around 1,000 words!




Memorize Faster

Drill is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and have your brain operating at 100%. It's not easy, but you'll be amazed how much you'll retain after just one 25-minute Drill.




Correct Your Pronunciation 

Drill instructors provide instantaneous corrective pronunciation feedback (we call it Beepboop technology and no other language learning app has anything like it).




Messy Hair Don't Care 

This is an online, audio-only class, so don't worry how you look. We won't see you! Audio-only classes help improve listening comprehension skills and create a more comfortable environment for making mistakes.

Messy Hair Don´t Care Spanish Drill



What topic will we study in Drill?

Knowing what will be studied is a luxury only the VIP Students can enjoy. If you want to select the topic, become a VIP. Here are some of the VIP perks: