Drill Method

1 Drill Instructors keep students motivated

Drill Instructors keep students highly engaged through fun, fast-paced, and progressively challenging pronunciation and memory retention activities.

Think of your Drill Instructor as your Spanish language personal trainer who pushes you to your limit and helps you achieve results faster than you ever thought possible. 

2 More opportunities to speak

Drill Instructors ensure students speak over 300 words per 25-minute drill and “mouth” over 1,000 words in preparation of being called upon. That’s way more than an hour-long traditional classroom or even a private tutoring session!

3 Instantaneous pronunciation feedback

During each session, Drill instructors provide instantaneous corrective pronunciation feedback using our beepboop technology in order to rapidly improve our students’ Spanish accents.

Our Absolute Beginner students can expect to achieve near native pronunciation status after approximately 10 hours of Drill instructions.

4 Increased memory retention

Each 25-minute Drill introduces 4-7 phrases that each student works intensely to memorize in preparation for when the Drill Instructor unpredictably requests the phrases be recalled. This creates an “edge of your seat” environment which forces students to engage with the material and create new memories.  

75% of Absolute Beginner students surveyed multiple days after their first Drill session could recall at least 3 phrases and stated they felt comfortable using those phrases in real life scenarios.

5 Enhanced listening skills

By being audio-only, Drill enhances your listening comprehension skills by preparing you for the most challenging non-visual communication experiences. 

Also, by being audio-only, you get the benefits of interacting with fellow drillers, while protecting your privacy. Everyone can only hear each other's voice. This creates an environment where people feel comfortable making mistakes and pushing themselves linguistically.

6 Real life simulation

During each Drill, you’re talking (a lot) with real people in a playful, yet occasionally stressful environment. You’ll practice each phrase so intensely that when put into the wild, you will be amazed how naturally and comfortably what you learned in Drill comes out of your mouth.