Setting Up Your VIP Account

You're three steps away from the VIP life!

Step 1: Create your VIP Speak Account

In Step 1, you will be creating your VIP Speak Account. With your Speak Account you can book Drills, put Drill Topics on your Wish List, access flashcards, and track your language learning progress on Beepboop!

  1. Go to the Speak Account sign up page
  2. Once on the sign up page, please create your Speak Account using the email address your welcome email was sent to. This lets us recognize you as a VIP!
  3. After successfully signing up, make sure to bookmark so you can easily find the link next time you log in

Step 2: Complete the Learning Goals Survey

In Step 2, you will be filling out our Learning Goals Survey. The purpose of the Learning Goal Survey is to give the Beepboop team helpful information on your background, learning, and Spanish progress thus far. This information allows us to craft a unique experience for your language learning journey. Telling us what classes would be best for you, which Drill Instructors you prefer, and other helpful information.

  1. Go to the survey page
  2. Fill out each item on the form and then hit the ''Submit'' button  

Step 3: Set up your flashcards

In Step 3, you will be creating a Quizlet account to access Beepboop's flashcards for VIPs. As a VIP, you have access to our entire Quizlet flashcard set with thousands of relevant vocabulary words and phrases. Using our flashcards is a great way to complement the work you do during your Drill sessions.

  1. To access your flashcards, first start by navigating to our flashcards page
  2. Once on this page, navigate to the top left and select the button that says "Sign up for free to request access."
  3. Once you have selected this button, you will be prompted to create a free account. Fill in the necessary fields and create your account. Note: You do not need to pay for Quizlet to access your flashcards. If you are asked, select the ''Free Plan'' for your Quizlet account. This is different from their ''Free Trial."
  4. After successfully signing up for Quizlet, you can easily access your flashcards using the Catalog section of your Speak Account

If you are still having trouble completing Step 3, please read the below frequently asked questions: