4 Reasons Beepboop is the Best Way to Learn Spanish

4 Reasons Beepboop is the Best Way to Learn Spanish

If you’ve been studying Spanish for seemingly forever, know hundreds or maybe thousands of words and tons of grammar points, but couldn’t hold a conversation to save your life, then you need to check out Beepboop. Beepboop teaches using the Beepboop Drill Method, which is influenced by pedagogical work pioneered at Dartmouth College and originally created to rapidly teach healthcare professionals critical medical Spanish phrases. 

Beepboop Drills are speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group Spanish classes where students are kept on the edge of their seats as a live instructor guides them through a series of increasingly challenging memory and pronunciation exercises. 

From conversational Spanish to business Spanish, Beepboop is now used by Spanish language learners from all over the world to rapidly get comfortable speaking Spanish. Here’s why. 

1. Real life Spanish interactions boost your confidence 

Practice makes perfect. Beepboop Drill gives students more opportunities to improve their confidence when speaking Spanish than any other learning service. During a 25-minute Beepboop Drill, you'll practice pronouncing over 1,000 words as you respond to challenges prompted by your live Beepboop Drill Instructor. This amount is staggering compared to a typical semi-private tutoring or Duolingo lesson, where students practice only 300 or 50 words respectively. 

Instantaneous corrective feedback to improve pronunciation 

Beepboop Drill Instructors create an open environment where students are encouraged to speak and feel comfortable making mistakes. When a student makes a mispronunciation, the Beepboop Drill Instructor will playfully interrupt the student by saying “Beepboop” and then work with the student to correct the mistake. The Beepboop Drill Method is the only online language method that delivers this kind of instantaneous feedback to prevent bad pronunciation habits from forming. 

3. Learn whatever, whenever, wearing whatever you want 

Beepboop Drills start every 30 minutes, so you can always find a time convenient for you. Also, don’t worry about getting “camera-ready,” because Beepboop drills are all audio-only. VIP members choose the topic of the class so they can pick up learning right where they left off.


4. Unbeatable value

Keep your hard-earned money! A typical private tutor costs around $50 per hour. For the price of just 4 private tutoring sessions, you could become a Gold VIP at Beepboop and have access to 6 months (over 1,500 hours) of on-demand personalized Spanish instruction. 

Become a VIP and start speaking Spanish today! Learn more here.