Beepboop is a Finalist in the HECC

Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge

Funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, sponsored by Northwell Health and hosted by Hofstra University, the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge inspires entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions to health problems for underserved communities in downstate New York. Last Thursday, we competed in the semifinal against 25 participants in the Shark-Tank-style pitch competition, and we are excited to announce that we have made it to the final pitch of the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge! 

Beepboop has improved hispanic healthcare equity in the New York City area.Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Beepboop has offered hundreds of COVID-19 response medical Spanish lessons to help providers better communicate with their 2.5 million Spanish-speaking patients in the NY area.

In a resource constrained world, patients who are perceived as taking longer to care for receive less care. Also, it's proven that better communication between the patient and provider, not only builds trust, but improves health outcomes. These facts are what motivates Beepboop to create the best platform for US-based healthcare providers to learn medical Spanish for free so they can deliver higher quality and more equitable care. 

After interviewing hundreds of healthcare providers, we developed the beepboop method and platform, making learning medical Spanish convenient, offering classes every 30 minutes, our classes are 30 mins long only and effective, we engage healthcare professionals in online simulations of real life scenarios. 

Our medical Spanish lessons have been developed with the input of hundreds of healthcare providers. Since launching in September 2019, we’ve taught thousands of students in free medical Spanish lessons that conveniently start every half hour. Each lesson is only thirty minutes long and is led by a live instructor who guides students through simulated patient-provider interactions in Spanish. We teach using the Beepboop Method™, which is taught in groups and gets all students speaking by having them work together to complete challenges while identifying and fixing each other's spoken mistakes.

To learn more about what Beepboop is all about, book a free medical Spanish lesson and start improving your Spanish today to be able to communicate and connect with more people.