Beepboop’s Monthly Wins Newsletter

Beepboop’s Monthly Wins Newsletter

Thank you to our students who have made all of our wonderful accomplishments over the last month possible! We want to share what’s new with Beepboop with all of you:

  • 15,000 total Drill bookings!

  • Beepboop interview featured in NASDAQ!

  • Awarded $8,000 grant at the Hofstra University Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge funded by the U.S. Economic Development Agency for our work advancing health equity in the NYC metro area 

  • MetaBronx with VillageCapital - 2020 Startup Accelerator Participant 

  • LatinX Incubator -2020 Startup Incubator Participant

We are so thrilled that Beepboop has been gaining so much momentum, and most importantly, that our students are learning and having fun doing it.

Book a drill, and see why everyone is talking about Beepboop right now!