Go shopping!

Go shopping!

New lesson out: Shopping Clothes Pt.1

Do you need a new outfit for your next zoom party or meeting? Try our newest drill and learn useful vocabulary and phrases to go shopping for clothes.

Is it hard to remember vocabulary and long phrases? No problem. With the Beepboop method you won't have that trouble. 


  1. Aprender vocabulario y frases para ir de compras. / Learn vocabulary and phrases to go shopping.
  2. Aprender a pedir en una tienda de ropa. / Learn to order in a clothing store.
  3. Aprender diferentes maneras de describir ropa. / Learn different ways to describe clothes.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • ¿Le puedo ayudar en algo? / Can I help you with something?
  • Sí, por favor. Estoy buscando vestidos de fiesta. / Yes please. I am looking for party dresses.
  • ¿Busca algo en especial? / Are you looking for something special?
  • Me gustaría algo en color rojo. / I would like something in red.

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