Express interest - or not

Express interest - or not

New lesson out: Expressing interest & disinterest!

Do you want to tell your friend just what you'd like to do tonight? Or, ever wanted to politely - or not so politely - refuse their boring ideas? Well, this is the lesson for you!

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  1. Expresar interés y desinterés. / Express interest and disinterest.
  2. Usar la negación. / Use negation.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • Me gustaría salir esta noche. / I'd like to go out tonight.
  • ¿Quieres ver una película conmigo? / Do you want to see a movie with me?
  • No tengo ganas de ir al cine. / I don't feel like going to the movies.
  • No cuentes conmigo. / Count me out.

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