Advice Needed!

Advice Needed!

New lesson out: Advice!

Are your friends always coming to you for advice - or vice versa? Are you the wise mom friend...or the one who always needs help? Whichever side you land on, this lesson is for you! Check it out to learn how to both ask for and give advice in Spanish. 

Want to learn but have no experience speaking Spanish? No worries! Our Drills are offered at three different levels, including absolute beginner. 


  1. Ask for advice.
  2. Give advice.
  3. Change verbs from infinitive to conditional.
  4. Use reflexive verbs.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • ¿Te puedo pedir un consejo? / Can I ask you for advice?
  • ¿Qué harías en mi lugar si estuvieras enfermo(a)? / What would you do in my place if you were sick?
  • Si yo fuera tú, comería sopa de pollo. / If I were you, I would eat chicken soup.
  • Deberías ponerte protector solar. / You should put on sunscreen.

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