Get ready for your Zoom Meeting!

Get ready for your Zoom Meeting!

New lesson out: Zoom Commands

Do you want to tell that noisy student or colleague to mute? Is someone trying to participate but they have their camera off? Learn how to communicate during your meeting in Spanish.

You can use these commands on all platforms for virtual meetings. If you want to learn simple commands try Level 1 and if you are more advanced try Level 2 and Level 3.


  1. Aprender comandos comunes utilizados en Zoom. / Learn common commands used in Zoom.
  2. Practicar los comandos en singular y plural. / Practice commands in singular and plural.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • Antes de iniciar, encienda su video por favor. / Before we begin, turn on your video please.
  • Lo siento, pero la cámara no funciona. / I'm sorry, but the camera does not work.
  • En un momento le ayudo, mientras, pulse el botón de levantar la mano. / I'll help you in a moment, in the meantime, click the Raise Hand button.

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