Habits and Routines

Habits and Routines

According to a research finding at Harvard Business Review, many people often mistake habits and routines as synonymous, but they are separate ideas. Nir Eyalauthor of Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, defines a habit as a behavior conducted with minimal or no conscious thought, in contrast to a routine, which is a series of actions carried out frequently and with intention. For any behavior to evolve into a habit, it initially needs to be a consistently executed routine.

The challenge is that routines can frequently be unenjoyable, leading to people abandoning them quickly. Thus, to successfully develop a habit, you need to set realistic expectations, opting for attainable goals that can eventually morph into automatic behaviors.

How can we transform our needs and wants into routines prior to them evolving into habits?

  • Begin by clarifying your objectives and maintaining a realistic outlook. Recognize that while some routines have the potential to evolve into habits, not every one of them will. Cultivating such habits demands patience, self-control, and dedication.
  • Anticipate potential obstacles. Reflect on what has previously prevented you from establishing this routine. Act in advance to eliminate these impediments before they occur.
  • Fortify your attempts with gentle prompts, such as reserving time on your schedule to exercise the behavior or beginning with minor microhabits.
  • Finally, remember to be kind and understanding toward yourself. There will be highs and lows.

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