Need a Suit?

Need a Suit?

New lesson out: At the tailor's

Need to suit up before a dance or a fancy date? Learn to ask the tailor to make you a suit or dress, and while you're at it, learn what they need to do to make it.

If you want to learn simple vocabulary try Level 1 and if you are more advanced try Level 2 and Level 3.



  1. Aprender vocabulario relacionado a la confección de prendas. / Learn vocabulary related to making garments.
  2. Aprender el nombre de objetos utilizados por un sastre. / Learn the name of objects used by a tailor.
  3. Practicar la conjugación de verbos en presente. / Practice the conjugation of verbs in the present.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • Hola, necesito que me haga un traje para una fiesta. / Hello, I need you to make me a suit for a party.
  • Claro, le mediré el ancho de espalda. / Sure, I'll measure your back width.
  • ¿Para qué utiliza las tijeras? / What do you use the scissors for?
  • Utilizo las tijeras para cortar la tela. / I use the scissors to cut the fabric.


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