Pronunciation Boot Camp: Syllables Part 8

Pronunciation Boot Camp: Syllables Part 8

New lesson out: Syllables Pt. 8

This is your opportunity to start speaking Spanish like a native. Continue with our Pronunciation Bootcamp Unit. Our Pronunciation Bootcamp Drills are designed for people who want to perfect their Spanish accent and get comfortable speaking Spanish fast. 


  1. Aprender a pronunciar las sílabas con fr, fl, gr, gl. / Learn to pronounce the syllables with fr, fl, gr, gl.

Some example "oraciones" (sentences):

  • Todos queremos una freidora de aire. / We all want an air fryer.
  • El florero está lleno de flores. / The flower vase is full of flowers.
  • Graciela es una chica graciosa. / Graciela is a funny girl.
  • La iglesia está cerca de la glorieta. / The church is close to the roundabout.

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