Drill Instructors Posada - Weekend Celebration

Drill Instructors Posada - Weekend Celebration

Celebrating our Posada:  A traditional Mexican celebration

In December we all celebrate with great joy and enthusiasm, and the posadas are part of this celebration. On Sunday December 12, the instructors from Sinaloa Mónica, Marisela, Cristina, Marely, Ayleen and I (Michael) organized the traditional posada. It is amazing that at this time, we instructors know that we are part of this great company and family of Beepboop.

History of Posadas

Do you know what the meaning of the Christmas posadas is? In Mexico, when we talk about posadas what comes to our minds is hot punch, candy baskets, lights, and piñatas. However, as we looked deeper into the origins of this tradition we discovered that they have a religious origin.

History tells us that the posadas arrived with the Spanish conquest, thus changing the tradition of the Aztecs, who celebrated during the month of Panquetzaliztli (December) the arrival of their God Huitzilopochtli. This celebration began on December 6 with a duration of 20 days and consisted of placing flags on the fruit trees and banners in the main temple.

The way of celebrating the posadas has changed over time and elements of each region have been added. But they have always been characterized by color, songs, and traditional food. Children, young people, and adults come together to “ask for an inn” and celebrate that someone opened the doors and provided them with accommodation.

Antojitos (munchies), fritters, punch, candles, and breaking piñatas are some of the most representative elements of the posadas. But the most important thing is to celebrate the union of families and friends. (1)

Drill Instructor tip: Be sure to take our Mexican States Drill, you will learn what each Mexican state is famous for.